6 x 2.5 x 2.5"
.375" Russian birch plywood
.125" Semi-translucent acrylic
.125" Natural cork board
1.25" 20 gauge copper disc
.4" White howlite stone


Utilize the copper disc as a base for burning incense, either outside of "Treasure Box" — using stick incense — or inside, using cone or brick incense. The natural healing properties of copper will help manifest your chosen scent.


White howlite is a calm, aware, and wisdom-seeking stone. It allows you to release attachments, settle your mind, and clarify your creative ambitions. Experiment with the placement of the stone inside of "Treasure Box".

Inspired by the kōdō ceremonies in Japan, the pūjā rituals of Hinduism, and the limitless imagination of childhood, “Treasure Box” is part secret-keeper, part incense-burner, and part mind-expander. Experiment with the alignment of its components—form ley lines in microcosm, store something precious or mundane, utilize it as inspiration guides or hide it away on a shelf and let its mystery grow. Available in two colorways; Bubble gum and Mint.